The NICMASS system met an untimely demise in the Mt. Stromlo wildfire in 2003. Built as a utility infrared imager, it contained a NICMOS3 256x256 HgCdTe array behind a 12 position filter wheel with no other internal optics and minimal baffling. It saw use as an imager at the MDM 2.4 and 1.3-meter telescopes and at the 0.4-meter Whately Observatory telescope in western Massachusetts. It's most productive role was as a focal plane for the KPNO Coude Feed telescope where it provided R=7200 spectroscopy across the 1.61-1.65um wavelength range. It's life ended in a similar Coude Feed application at Mt. Stromlo after 10 productive years.

The NICMASS system NICMASS drive electronics. Designed and fabricated by undergraduate Ron Coutu The focal plane configuration. A compact filter wheel design permitting the insertion of 12 filters into a 4.5-inch diameter. NICMASS after the Mt. Stromlo fire.
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