Dec. 7-8, 2009:

ifort -openmp -O2 -xhost -ipo -132 *.f (or -msse2) (try not to use -O3)
gprof to examine the time spend...

use CHUNK=24 in -openmp

wrote an optimized cross-correlation algorithm

Installed SExtractor 2.8.6 with -openmp (much much faster!)

Use SWarp to resample images

Intel icc/ifort with -openmp is insane...

Dec. 26, 2009:

Best Movies of the Decade
The Lord of the Rings, Amélie, Spirited Away, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Love actually, Mulholland Drive, The New World ...

Feb. 16, 2010:

Some interesting number:
DOD 2010 budget: 707 Billions (F117 Nighthawk: 42.6 M; F-22 Raptor: 170-360 M; F-35 Lightning II: 83 M)
NASA 2010 budget: 18.7 Billions; NuSTAR: 132 M

Mar. 6, 2010:

Deep HST exposures on NGC4921/NGC4911 !!!
Wow, the deep ACS images of NGC4921 and NGC4911 are among the most stunning images that I have ever seen! It seems that the project was cut short by the 2007 failure of the ACS but it may continue. The original proposal was approved for 12 x 5 orbits on F606W and 6 x 5 orbits on F814W for each galaxy. Parallel WFPC2 and NIC3 observations were also taken (Yes, 180 primary orbits once planned! about 1 Msec on these two galaxies!). Right now, I count:
F606W: 44788 sec, or 18 orbits!
F814W: 17390 sec, or 7 orbits!
F606W: 49792 sec, or 20 orbits!
F814W: 24896 sec, or 10 orbits!

Oct. 10, 2010:

Astronomical Wide-field Imaging System for Europe

Oct. 13, 2010:
Interesting story with Ryan Leaf, one of the most disappointing in sports history

Oct. 17, 2010:
RIP, John! You were a nice guy!

There must be a theoretical limit!
# Two offspring – twins
# Three offspring – triplets
# Four offspring – quadruplets
# Five offspring – quintuplets
# Six offspring – sextuplets
# Seven offspring – septuplets
# Eight offspring – octuplets
# Nine offspring – nonuplets
# Ten offspring – decaplets

Nov. 29, 2010:
Moss miserable in Tennessee
The fate of receiver Randy Moss in Nashville, Tennessee is like the same bad country song played over and over again. Moss’ magical mystery tour started in New England, but he shot his way out of town from his team of three-plus years. Moss didn’t feel he was a big enough piece of the offense and it was affecting his impending free agent status. The next stop was Minnesota and the Vikings went 1-3 with Moss before Brad Childress finally got sick of his act and released him. Childress was later fired himself and the whole Moss affair was a big reason. More indignity has followed Moss to Tennessee and the team is 0-3 since picking him up. The only good news is he was free, unlike the third round pick Minnesota paid. The situation in Tennessee is getting bad, losing 20-0 at Houston yesterday to fall to 5-6. Quarterback Vince Young is out for the season. Backup Kerry Collins (calf) could be the starter this week if he’s healthy enough and he’s a lot better than Sunday’s starter, rookie Rusty Smith. Smith had three picks and just 138 passing yards yesterday. Moss had 23 yards receiving and hasn’t had more than 30 in his last five games. This is not what he was expecting after leaving one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time in Tom Brady. Moss’ numbers for the year are 23 catches for 339 yards. That’s going to cost him a lot of money in the offseason and will likely limit him to a one-year deal. Meanwhile, New England is one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl at and you have to think Moss would have done things differently if given the chance.

Matt Cassel vs. Matt Leinart :) (better to start low ?) Brian Hoyer vs. Drew Stanton in the future?

Nov. 30, 2010:
After a rough first week, in which the Pats were forced to part ways with Lawyer Milloy and they opened the season with a tough 31-0 loss to the Buffalo Bills, Tom Jackson looked directly into the camera on ESPN and declared “let me say this clearly…they [the Patriots players] hate their coach.” After going on to finish that very same season with a 14-2 record and a Lombardi trophy, a post-game interview was scheduled between the two. When Jackson walked up to him, Belichick refused to shake his hand and apparently told Jackson “to attempt something unprintable and anatomically impossible,” to quote Sports Illustrated’s E.M. Swift. Chris Berman ended up conducting that interview.

Dec. 12, 2010:
Best quotes of the day from a JETS fan (after JETS lose to Dolphins and their trainer tripped the Dolphins CB):
Bury the game ball next to the Patriots ball then bury him next to that. Might as well bury the whole team too.
(this one is close):
The Patriots defeated Chicago today 36-7....but just like Monday night - the game wasn't nearly as close as the final score might indicate!!!!!!! ;^D

Jan. 3, 2011:
ungeliable 不给力 Smilence 笑而不语 Democrazy 民主妄想 Freedamn 自由 Shitizen P民 Amerryca 享乐国

Mar. 21, 2011:
An amazing story today: Well, he indeed has a smaller cross section and the weight limit means he has a stronger upper body, but it is still amazing!

Mar. 28, 2011:
It was an amazing run for VCU. It looks like Virginia cannot even make to the final four in Virginia ! (or even elite eight?)
(George Mason, VT, VCU, Richmond, Old Dominion, James Madison...)
Eat Crow baby!
UVa: 13,617+6,167
George Mason University: 32,562
VTech: 30,739
VCU: 32,303
University of Richmond: 4,250
Old Dominion University: 24,125
James Madison University: 18,971

Apr. 15, 2011:
People really have time for this kind of viral sites :)

June 24, 2011:

June 26, 2011:
Hilary Swank:
She won the Oscar, but it didn't take long after that to find out what respect or clout it gave her.
"I was getting a prescription filled. And they said, 'You know, that's, you know, $280. And I said, 'Oh, no, no. I have my insurance card. Put it on my insurance,'" says Swank. "And they said, 'We tried.' And I said, 'Well, can you try again?' And they said, 'We tried a bunch of times.' I mean, they knew me. That was my pharmacy. So I called my insurance company, and they said, 'There's a minimum you have to make in order to make health insurance.' And at that time, it was $5,000 a year."
She had only made $3,000 for "Boys Don't Cry."
After winning her second Oscar, she said, "I don't know what I did in this life to deserve this. I'm just a girl from a trailer park who had a dream."

Interesting films recently: Flipped, 127 hours

Chinglish and Panglish
Don't forget to carry your thing.
先上后下,文明乘车: After first under on, do riding with civility
如遇紧急情况请速拨打1234567: Meeting critical situation asks velocity to poke striking …
The slippery are very crafty (小心路滑,slippery when wet)
You have seed. I will give you some color to see see. Brothers!Together up! (你有种,我要给你点颜色瞧瞧,兄弟们,一起上!)
Dragon born dragon, chicken born chicken, mouse's son can make hole! (龙生龙,凤生凤,老鼠生崽会打洞!)
How are you? How old are you? (怎么是你,怎么老是你?)
You ask me, me ask who? (你问我,我问谁?)
Heart flower angry open. (心花怒放)
No three no four. (不三不四)
Fucking goods. (干货)

June 29, 2011:
有了病是看得起的;住房是分配的;白痴是不 能当 教授的;已婚者是不能找二奶的;肉是可以放心吃的;老鼠还是很怕猫的;人还是有良心的。
人的一生好像乘北京地铁一号线: 途经国贸,羡慕繁华; 途经天安门,幻想权力; 途经金融街,梦想发财; 经过公主坟,遥想华丽家族; 经过玉泉路,依然雄心勃勃……这时,有个声音飘然入耳:乘客你好,八宝山(公墓)快到了!
上联:风声雨声读书声,我不出声。 下联:家事国事天下事,关我屁事。 横批:一边玩去
方便面涨价了,鸡蛋涨价了,面粉涨价了,汽油涨价了,蔬菜涨价了,食用油涨价了,棉花涨价了,羽绒服涨价了…… 除了工资,身边的一切几乎都涨价了,但是我们依然需要坚强地活下去,因为现在墓地也涨价了。

July 5, 2011

The whole nation is shocked...
... "Despite the baseless defense chosen by Casey Anthony, the family believes that the jury made a fair decision based on the evidence presented, the testimony presented, the scientific information presented and the rules that were given to them" by the judge."
"It would be tougher to get an acquittal in Iowa," said J.E. "Mike" Tobey, who's been both a prosecutor and defense attorney before becoming a magistrate. "Iowans are very pragmatic. Give them a job to do, they're very no-nonsense about it."

July 15, 2011
白: 巴:最刁钻古怪、存心找碴的人
甴 :刚从秦始皇陵挖出来的人

Aug. 24, 2011
Best Twitter today:
Doug Aamoth (this guy has a great name to be a particle physicist)
Aren't animals supposed to do cool pre-earthquake tricks like run around with their hind legs and smoke cigarette? My dog did NOTHING.

5.8 2011/08/23 13:51:04 --- the big one
2.8 2011/08/23 14:46:50 --- really?
2.2 2011/08/23 15:20:26 --- really?
4.2 2011/08/24 20:04:36 --- got me in the office
3.4 2011/08/24 00:45:26 --- got me again in the office !
2.5 2011/08/25 00:06:47 --- who care
4.5 2011/08/25 01:07:50 --- just before I fell asleep
2.3 2011/08/25 02:37:31 --- must be in my dream
2.4 2011/08/25 11:27:47 --- ah?
2.3 2011/08/25 19:40:56
2.1 2011/08/26 18:52:22
2.0 2011/08/27 04:02:29
2.2 2011/08/28 15:18:05

Aug. 28, 2011
Two articles on JWST recently:
Sign, a telescope ate Astronomy and more ...

Sep. 25, 2011
Spitzer from 2.2B to 0.72B, Wow!

Dec. 5, 2011
The Clean Air Act defines a nonattainment area as the area that is violating the national ambient air quality standard OR a nearby area that is contributing to a violation of the PM2.5 standards. The PM2.5 standards are based on averaging air quality measurements both annually and on a 24 hour basis. The annual standard for PM2.5 is met whenever the 3 year average of the annual mean PM2.5 concentrations for designated monitoring sites in an area is less than or equal to 15.0 µg/m3. The 24 hour standard for PM2.5 is met whenever the 3 year average of the annual 98th percentile of values at designated monitoring sites in an area is less than or equal to 35 µg/m3.

Beijing, Dec. 5, 2011, PM2.5 of 522 !

北京风光,千里朦胧,万里烟飘,望环城内外,浓雾莽莽,鸟巢上下,阴霾滔滔, 车舞长蛇,飞机难降,欲上六环把车飙,需晴日. 空气如此糟糕,引无数美女带口罩,惜一 罩掩面,白化妆了(音Liao),唯露双眼,难判风骚,一代天骄,央视裤衩,只见后座不见腰, 尘入肺,有不要命者,来做早操.