Astrological Association (UK)'s journal

Correlation: world's first refereed science journal devoted to astrological research. Circulation about 600.

Editors Simon Best (1981-92); Rudolf Smit (1993-1998).

"commendable levels of scientific rigor and impartiality ... one of the most impressive and open-minded journals in existence, the model example of a journal in any area (and I do not say this lightly)."

(whereas TMA discourages informed debate)

Research results published in Correlation tended to be negative, or at best, weakly positive toward astrology.

Smit fostered a scientific approach and a dialog between astrologer and scientists, not welcomed by many AA members.

In 1997, a "Truth of Astrology" essay competition was critiqued by Geoffrey Dean (turncoat astrologer) who concluded that even the prize winning essay "abandons scholarship and clear thinking in favor of muddle and misrepresentation".

AA argued that the scientific approach to astrology was simplistic and misleading because astrology operates on principles outside those of known science.

Mr. Smit was removed, and AA has given up its scientific rigor.

ivan kelly, Skeptical Briefs, 10, 1 (March 2000).