Classic Gauquelin Experiment

Magazine ad offered a free horoscope.

150 respondents received a 10 page personality profile and yearly rhythm of favorable and unfavorable periods, and were asked about the 'fit' of the horoscope:

  1. "Did you recognize yourself in the psychological portrait sent you? Did you recognize any of your personal problems?"

    94% positive replies

    sample: "I easily recognized myself in this psychological portrait and they are precisely my own personal problems."

  2. "Is your opinion shared by your family and friends?"

    90% of the answers positive

    sample: "I showed the horoscopes to my parents and to a friend, and they were astonished by its accuracy."

  3. "Does the annual rhythm generally indicate the good and bad periods you experience each year?"

    80% positive replies.

    sample: "Yes, especially from 1/22 to 2/7 (desire for long trips, change of climate). during this period I applied for permission to emigrate to Australia."

But ...