Astrometry in the 20th Century

... and Beyond

A symposium honoring the career of Laurence W. Fredrick on the occasion of his retirement.

July 1, 1995

The University of Virginia

A one day astrometry symposium is planned for Saturday July 1, 1995 to mark the retirement of Prof. L. W. Fredrick after 32 years of service to The University of Virginia and the Leander J. McCormick Observatory. The symposium will trace the development of long-focus astrometric research in this century with discussions on instrumentation, proper motions, trigonometric parallaxes, and binary stars.

The sessions will be held in the morning and early afternoon. Invited speakers include C. C. Dahn, O. G. Franz, S. Lippincott Garroway, T. Girard, H. A. McAlister, J. R. Rohde, K. Aa. Strand, A. R. Upgren, and D. Warner. No contributed talks or posters will be presented. Admission is free.

The program is here

There will be a reception and banquet honoring Larry in the evening. The cost of the banquet is $22.50 per person. Seating is very limited so advance reservations are essential.

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Fredrick Symposium, Department of Astronomy, The University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22903-0818 USA 5.10.95