Paul's astronomy page

Why do I have an astronomy page? Well, I'm a big astro dork. In my free time I volunteer to help the Monday night tours at the US Naval Observatory, where I intern during the summer and winter break. I also am a volunteer docent at University of Maryland's observatory for open houses and other events.

Objects Viewed:

Double Stars:
Albireo - Beta Cygnus - pretty blue/purple star and orange star
Algeiba - Gamma Leo, two bright companions Small separation
Epsilon Lyra - Famous double double, double system, but each of those has a companion as well
Mizar and Alcor: Fun target to see with the naked eye
Alpha Andromeda - similar to albireo, and just as shiny!

M3: pretty globular cluster in 20" reflector
M8: planetary neb, binos, dark sky
M13: Globular cluster, telescope, not too bad with refractor or big reflector
M20: planetary neb, binos, dark sky
M21: Open cluster, binos, dark sky
M25: Open cluster, binos, dark sky
M27: dumbell nebula, too faint for this area without CCD
M31 - Andromeda Galaxy
M35 -
M36 -
M37 - Really pretty open cluster, using 20" at UM, also pretty in my own scope
M41 - Companion to M42
M42(!) Orion Nebula
M44 - The Beehive Cluster (need really low power)
M45 - The Pleiades - Naked-eye star cluster
M57 - The Ring Nebula
M67 - Open star cluster, somewhat dim for visual telescopic obs.
M81 - Mag 6 galaxy, can easily make out fuzzy in 20"
M82 - Mag 8 galaxy, very hard to see, even in 20", go north of M81

Here's some info on the telescope I use:
8-inch Synta Reflector
1200mm focal length

My Telescope


Jupiter Saturn
Jupiter Saturn
The Moon The sun
Moon Sun
Mars! Deep sky objects
Mars Ring Nebula

New! Pictures of what you DON'T want to see in a telescope!
But look pretty anyway!