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The Grad Student Handbook

by Various Authors

August 24, 2009

Several people have contributed to this document including Jeff Crane, Peter Frinchaboy, Jeff Carlin, Joshua Kempner, Chris Palma, and Paul Ries. All contents, including errors, inaccuracies, and omissions, are the sole property and responsibility of the authors and the University of Virginia Department of Astronomy.

Another Fine Work by It's a Shame About Ray Productions
©2009 University of Virginia Department of Astronomy

This handbook is meant to provide an informal introduction to grad student life in the Astronomy Department at UVa, as well as to provide information which is of interest to all grad students but which is omitted from the handbook that the department chair publishes. Keeping with an informal style, we've mixed together both important facts and personal tips based on the collective experience of the authors. The occasional grad student might disagree slightly with some of our tips, but in general most grads have successfully lived by these rules of thumb. Most of it should be discussed at the grad meeting at the beginning of each academic year.

Paul Ries 2009-08-24