• Exploring Halo Substructure with Giant Stars. II. Mapping the Extended Structure of the Carina Dwarf Galaxy: AJ article

  • An Internal Second Parameter Problem in the Sculptor Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy: ApJ article

  • The Intrinsic Shapes of Low-Surface-Brightness Dwarf Irregular Galaxies and Comparison to Other Types of Dwarf Galaxies: ApJ paper

  • The Solar Neighborhood. V. VRI Photometry of Southern Nearby Star Candidates: AJ paper

  • McCormick Parallaxes: 47th List

  • Dwarf Galaxy Surface Photometry: Abstract

  • Tully-Fisher Relation for dIs: AAS Abstract

  • Ph.D. Dissertation. An Optical Study of Dwarf Galaxies with Narrow HI linewidths: Dark Matter and the Tully-Fisher Relation at the Faint End

  • UGC 7636 and NGC 4472: Ram pressure and tidal stripping

  • Blue Galaxies identified with submillijansky radio sources in the 1300+3034 field

  • The Hyades: A Distance modulus from Trigonometric Parallaxes

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