Taking Measure of the Milky Way Key Project Group Members

Steve Majewski (Principal Investigator), University of Virginia
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John Bahcall (1934-2005), Institute for Advanced Study
Bahcall led the Oort limit project analysis. He worked on developing a program to simulate the SIM PlanetQuest observations of disk stars, and worked with Majewski's group on developing and characterizing the proposed Oort limit target samples.
Doug Geisler, Universidad de Concepción
Website, Email
Geisler is part of the program of identifying halo K giants using photometry. He is a co-I in the Grid Giant Star Survey (GGSS), and the PI of a SIM PlanetQuest preparatory grant to do follow-up photometry and spectroscopy of Grid stars.
Wolfgang Gieren, Universidad de Concepción
Website, Email
Gieren is establishing and characterizing the Cepheid target list, assisting with spectroscopy of bulge stars, and the creation of the GGSS and halo K giant samples.
Eva Grebel, Astronomisches Institut, Basel
Website, Email
Grebel is playing an active role in the search for tidal tails around dwarf satellites and globular clusters. She has been leading the search of the open cluster literature to identify brightest member stars.
Carl Grillmair, Caltech/Spitzer Science Center
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Grillmair is leading our associated program to obtain Hubble Space Telescope astrometry to complement SIM PlanetQuest measurements of the Galactic bulge and bar populations. He plays a key role in the pre-launch search for tidal streams associated with dwarf galaxies and globular clusters.
Kathryn Johnston, Columbia University
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Johnston is responsible for theoretical aspects of the disk and tidal tail studies. She is involved in the effort to extend the disk study to look at the effect of resonances on the analysis, modeling support for selection of tidal tail candidates, and examining the evolution of tidal tails in galaxy formation simulations.
Ricky Patterson, University of Virginia
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Patterson plays a key role in organizing the day-to-day operations of many observational programs. He is involved in the K giant samples for the halo and Oort surveys, the project to determine proper motion of globular clusters and dwarf galaxies, and the search for tidal tails.
I. Neill Reid, Space Telescope Science Institute
Website, Email
Reid leads the observational program to identify Cepheid and Mira variables suitable for probing the potential of the Galactic disk. He is also collaborating in the Oort limit determination.
Takahiro Sumi, Princeton University
Website,alternate website, Email
David Spergel, Princeton University
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Spergel is leading the analysis of R0 and the study of the bulge kinematics. He will construct a model for the Galactic bar and explore implications for the formation of the bar. He is also part of the disk and tidal tail analysis efforts.
Scott Tremaine, Institute for Advanced Study
Website, Email
Tremaine is leading the analysis of the hot halo tracers. He is investigating phase-mixing in galaxies formed by mergers to determine the influence of incomplete mixing on halo tracers, and is continuing work on simulations of SIM PlanetQuest observations of disk parameters and on the Oort limit analysis.

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