Australia, 1997

Warrambungles & NSW
Warrambungles National Park, Grand High Tops
Warrambungles National Park, Grand High Tops
The Breadknife in the Warrambungles
On the Breadknife
On the Breadknife
Koala crossing the road
Southern Terrace of Siding Spring Mountain
Southern Terrace of Siding Spring Mountain
Field of purple flowers west of the Warrambungles
Field near Tooraweenah NSW
Colorful fields of rape near Young, NSW
Windmill, south of Forbes, NSW
Yellow Waters, Kakadu
Crocodile, Yellow Waters, Kakadu
Lightning Man, Aboriginal Rock Art in Kakadu
Cathedral Termite Mound, Kakadu, with my parents for scale
Edith Falls, Litchfield
Cathedral Termite Mounds, Litchfield
The Graveyard. Magnetic Termite Mounds, Litchfield
Goanna scavenging in Litchfield
Great Barrier Reef
off of Cairns, Queensland
Our Boat
The reef is about 50 miles offshore
Black and White fish
 black (parrot?) fish
 red fish and giant clam, Saxon Reef, off Cairns
blue fish
 red (parrot?) fish
 giant clam
 giant clam
Cairns and Port Douglas
 our hostel
The Daintree River
Port Douglas and 4 mile beach
Ricky feeding two kangaroos
 Emu, Port Douglas
Beautiful King Parrots
An assortment of tropical fruit which we sampled
 Sugar cane being harvested
Kangaroo with joey, Port Douglas
Crocodile, Port Douglas
Canberra and Sydney
Inquisitive Emu, Canberra
 The Sydney Opera House