Cooperative Observer Program (COOP) Station: Charlottesville_2_W, VA (441593)

  • Recent Observations (today's, after 9 or 10 AM) from CHARLOTTESVILLE 2W, VA (441593) station (CHARLOTTESVILLE in the NORTHERN & CENTRAL VIRGINIA FOOTHILLS section)

  • Introduction to the Cooperative Observer Program

  • Cooperative Observer Program


  • Sterling Office Baltimore-Washington Forecast Office

  • James River and Shenandoah and Rappahannock Rivers Flow Information (Other Rivers)

    Contact Information:

    Sterling Office: 1-800-253-7091

    Calvin Meadows: Cooperative Observer Program Manager
    John Newkirk: Data Acquisition Program Manager (supervisor of CPM)
    Melody Paschetag: Service Hydrologist

  • Format for NCDC datasets

  • Snow Measurement Guidelines

  • NWS Observing Handbook No. 2: Cooperative Station Observations (94 page PDF file)

  • NWS COOP B91 Monthly Report Form (GIF image)

  • NWS COOP Equipment and more Equipment

  • Cooperative Program Brochure (2 page PDF file)

  • From Virginia State Climatology Office:

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