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September/October 2010

Monday, September 20 (10:00 -- 11:30 AM): Extraterrestrial Civilizations are Plausible (Repeat of September 10 Lecture)

Lectures will be held in the classroom of the Leander McCormick Observatory (LMO) 10:00 -- 11:30 AM Fridays. There should be adequate parking; most of the parking is on the left before you pass the observatory. Please park head-in to maximize the number of cars that can park. Do not park next to the small white house on the right. LMO is not fully accessible: there are 2 steps to get from the parking lot to the observatory floor level and 2 more to get into the classroom. The toilet is downstairs.

Directions to LMO:

September 10: Extraterrestrial Civilizations are Plausible

Lecture 1: PPT1

Lecture 1: PPT2

September 17: What is Required to Have an Earthlike Planet. Hey, this is a lot more complicated than it first appeared to be.

Lecture 2: PPT1

September 24: How are we Searching

Lecture 3: PPT1

October 1: The Nature of Advanced Civilizations

Lecture 4: PPT1

Lecture 4: PPT2

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