Trey V. Wenger
Ph.D. Candidate
Jefferson Fellow
Department of Astronomy
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
University of Virginia

tvw2pu (at)
Room 263
530 McCormick Road
Charlottesville, VA 22904
Office Phone: 434-243-8941
The H II Region Discovery Survey (HRDS) discovered hundreds of previously unknown regions of recent massive star formation in the Milky Way Galaxy. The figure to the right shows the regions of the Galaxy probed by the original Green Bank Telescope (GBT) HRDS, the Arecibo HRDS, and the WISE Extension to the HRDS. The HRDS team is composed of Dr. Dana Balser (NRAO), Professor Thomas Bania (Boston University), Professor Loren Anderson (West Virginia University), and myself.

I am interested in understanding the physical properties of these H II regions and what they can tell us about the chemical structure of the Milky Way. This extensive H II region survey will provide a huge dataset with which we can begin to understand the structure and evolution of our Galaxy.

I began working on this project when I was an undergraduate at Boston University. I was awarded an REU Fellowship at the NRAO in Charlottesville in the Summer of 2012 to continue working on this project with Dr. Dana Balser. I continue to work on it as a graduate student at UVA in Charlottesville.